Customs Valuation

The amount of customs duties, and indirectly the amount of goods and services taxes, payable on imported goods is dependent on their value for duty. The value for duty serves as a base against which is applied a rate of duty to establish the amount of duties and taxes payable.

Gottlieb & Associates works with clients to structure their transactions in a manner which minimizes the value for duty, and in turn the amount of duties and taxes payable. Depending on their structure, a number of elements of the transactions may either attract or not attract customs duties. These include royalties and license fees, agency/brokerage fees, interest charges, freight and insurance expenses, discounts and value added in Canada. We also ensure compliance with appropriate valuation methodologies, that is, the transaction value of the appraised goods, the transaction value of identical and similar goods, the deductive value, and the residual value. In each case, we ensure that the methodology, if appropriate, is being applied correctly.

Gottllieb & Associates is apprised of international developments as we are in contact on an ongoing basis with the Technical Committee on Customs Valuation of the World Customs Organization (WCO) and participate in the development of WCO global customs valuation policy. We assist clients, (working closely with local counsel), respecting customs valuation issues in various countries around the world. In the case of customs valuation, Gottlieb & Associates has a unique global perspective.

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