Gottlieb & Associates’ attorneys are based in Montreal and Ottawa and cumulate 125 years of extensive experience in the field of international trade and customs, and more than 30 years in international commercial and corporate law. We have served business clients from Asia, Europe and the Americas, in every significant industry sectors, as well as numerous Canadian corporations.

Our practice focuses on advising clients and solving a wide range of complex problems related to the movement of goods, services and intellectual properties across borders, as well as other Canadian legal matters germane to the international trade environment in which they do business. We also advise clients on laws which are tangential to their trading businesses.

We represent our clients’ interests vis-à-vis Canadian government officials, administrative tribunals and the courts, in Canada and abroad. We also safeguard their interests in the legislative process and in government relations by making submissions to elected officials and/or government officers.

Creative and Results Oriented

Our attorneys focus their energy and resources on the legal aspects of customs and international trade. We are creative, results oriented and flexible. We can work either for clients, corporate counsels or business lawyers looking for exclusive expertise in the field. Where required, we recruit, integrate and coordinate other legal and non-legal specialized services to address client’s challenges successfully.

Our clients obtain competitive advantages in their market places by utilizing our services which include resolution of their legal problems and assistance to enhance their ability to compete and win in their business environment.

Work Ethic

Our philosophy is simple. We pride ourselves on our ability to work very hard and to find effective solutions for our clients. We combine our work ethic with our experience and our deep and intimate knowledge of all relevant processes in the field of international trade and customs in Canada. We keep abreast of current trade and economic policy issues and are well briefed on financial, industrial and government matters affecting international trade.

Budget and Cost Control

We always work in a time and cost effective manner. Upon request, we establish initial and on-going budgets and work with clients to implement efficient cost controls. We work closely with our clients’ in-house counsel, other executives, and staff so as to eliminate duplication of effort and to ensure cost efficiency.

2020 University Street, Suite 1920
Montreal (Quebec) H3A 2A5
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